Benefiting the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

What is IBC?

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is an advanced and accelerated form of breast cancer usually not detected by mammogram or ultrasound. IBC is treated differently than more common types of breast cancer. IBC requires immediate, aggressive treatment with chemotherapy prior to mastectomy and radiation and additional chemotherapy after surgery.

In August, 2003, my mother, Julie was diagnosed with IBC. After a six-year battle against the disease, Julie passed away peacefully in her home with her loving family by her side on August 3, 2009. She was 60 years old. To read the full obituary, please click here.

For more information, please visit the IBC Research Foundation website,

What is IBC Bowling Day all about?

IBC Bowling Day originated in August 2004. IBC Bowling Day is not a competitive event. There are no trophies. Bowlers do not have to solicit pledges from their friends and neighbors.

Here’s how it works: Get a team of 4 or 5 together. Everyone makes a $25 donation to IBC Research Foundation. For that donation you get a t-shirt and 3 hours of bowling! During the three hours, we have dozens and dozens of donated items that are raffled off. You get to pick what items you buy raffle tickets for so if you win, you are guaranteed to be happy with what you are awarded with!

How much has been raised?

Seven-Year Total